Our Program for Unions

Union members face unique obstacles that prevent them from getting the substance abuse interventions they need. 

Customized interventions to help each individual

We designed a recovery program to ensure that union members are equipped with the specific tools and resources they need to improve their odds of long-term recovery. We customize our interventions to help each individual union member who joins our program.

Not only does our program incorporate the most up-to-date research and innovative approaches to helping union members overcome addiction, but it also tackles some of the practical limitations that prevent many union members from initiating their recovery journey.

dual diagnosis treatment centers southern california
dual diagnosis treatment centers southern california

Pursuing treatment will not jeopardize employment

At Valley Recovery, we recognize that getting help requires more than recognizing a substance abuse problem. It also requires union members to overcome certain barriers to care. Each union member needs, for instance, to know that the cost of their treatment services will be covered by their insurance and that pursuing treatment will not jeopardize their jobs. 

Each union member interested in joining our program works directly with the owner of our program, who facilitates a seamless admissions process and ensures that the union member has what they need to make their 30 to 90 day stay with us as successful as possible. 

We keep all information private and confidential

In addition to providing fully covered services, we also provide case managers to work one-on-one with union members. These managers take care of all paperwork on behalf of our clients, including applying for FMLA and disability. 

We safeguard all personal information, keeping it private and confidential. 

We personalize our solutions so you can focus on recovery

Other recovery centers conduct one-size-fits-all treatment programs and provide only mental health-related services. We personalize our solutions – and because we want our union members to focus on their recovery, our comprehensive services include managing life logistics for our clients while they are enrolled with us. 

Re: Letter of Recommendation

The Communications Works of America known as CWA is Southern California, worked with Valley Recovery Center (VRC) for the past several years. VRC’s residential program for men appropriately assesses and places our members and their families. VRC’s multi-disciplinary team provides our members the care and treatment necessary to help them understand the etiology of (their) addictive brain. In addition, VCR assist our members to develop and implement skills to help them manage addiction and addictive behaviors. VCR continues to work with CWA MAP (Member Assistance Professionals) Coordinators to place our members with ease and efficiency in the appropriate level of care and treatment.

In Unity,
Sheila Bordeux

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