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Here at Valley Recovery Center, our all men’s rehab in California is here to provide personalized treatment for men struggling with addiction to drugs, alcohol, trauma and more. We offer individualized care throughout every step of the recovery process including personalized treatment programs that range from 30, 60 to 90-day residential treatments, as well as aftercare services that provide patients with continued support upon completion of our residential treatment program. With our team of psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors, we are here to offer ongoing treatment, support and guidance for both our patients and their families who may need help navigating through the recovery process with their loved ones. We take an individualized approach to treatment by tailoring our program to match the specific needs of each patient so we can address the core issues that often stand in the way of meaningful, long-lasting recovery. Each individual’s approach to addiction is entirely unique to their background, and therefore it makes sense to approach treatment by first understanding the why behind each person’s addiction. We want to treat the person, not just the addiction.

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Overview of Addiction

Addiction is a complex, but treatable disease that affects the brain as well as human behavior. Through misuse and abuse of drugs, alcohol, prescription medication, gambling, and other addictive substances/behaviors, a person’s health and well-being become heavily compromised. Substance abuse and mental health disorders affect people from all different backgrounds, at all different stages of life. The path to drug addiction starts with the act of voluntary drug-taking, however over time the person becomes unable to control the drug abuse and the taking of the drug becomes an impulsive behavior. This notion applies not only to drugs, but also to any addictive substance or behavior as the addiction starts to affect parts of the brain and, over time, the person’s ability to have control over this behavior. Addiction is treatable, however without the right treatment and care, it is known as a ‘relapsing disease,’ or a return to the addictive behavior after an attempt to stop. The recovery process allows people to improve their health and wellness and live independent, addiction-free lives. Here at Valley Recovery Center, we recognize that the road to recovery is highly personal and requires individualized treatments and varying levels of care to find the path that works for each patient. Different therapies and programs are designed to help people understand their addiction and make necessary changes that will enable a lasting recovery. The staff at our drug rehab center in Santa Clarita, CA curate effective treatment methods based on the individual needs of each patient, so we find the right method that works for you. One-on-one therapy and counseling are crucial tools that provide insight into recognizing one’s addiction, dealing with underlying issues that may have caused the addiction, and planning for a sober, fulfilled, addiction-free life. We truly believe that the long-term path to recovery includes dual diagnosis treatment in Southern California.

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Why a Gender-Specific Men's Rehab?

Addiction does not discriminate; however, men and women tend to experience addiction differently. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, there are biological and cultural differences between men and women when it comes to addiction. Varying studies also indicate that men and women use drugs differently, have different responses to drug use and respond differently to treatment. There are also gendered differences behind the reasons people choose to take drugs in the first place, the choice of substance, the rate of dependency and how the brain responds to the use of different substances. All of these differences in behavior are significant enough to require specific types of treatment to help achieve long-term sobriety. By creating a rehab for men that focuses on the male psyche and how specifically men interact with overcoming addiction, we were able to structure our program in the most personalized, effective way possible for our patients. Patterns of addiction are entirely different in men than they are in women, and therefore treatment at the very base must reflect those differences with a foundation that allows us to delve even further into the individual and his own experience with addiction. We work hard to make sure our patients feel comfortable and safe in our environment, as well as feel that they are not alone in their journey and have staff that understands their individualized needs. Our all men’s rehab center is meant to provide a safe space to offer people the time and individualized support they need to let go of old habits and beliefs and move forward into a meaningful, sober, healthy and supported life, and we believe this is encapsulated through our all-male facility.

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Our Treatment Program for Men

When a patient first enters into treatment at our all men’s drug rehab in Los Angeles, California, we will begin with an initial evaluation that will help determine the treatment plan based on the patient’s individual needs. Through this evaluation, we will take note of medical history and the patient’s history with substance abuse. This will provide our team with insight into which program will offer the best possible care for that particular patient. Our treatment options include 30, 60 and 90-day programs, and all patients experience one-on-one therapy along with group counseling, family counseling, art therapy and other optional recreational activities.

Our 30-day program is recommended for those who are not heavily addicted or have limited time available but are still in need of treatment. Patients in the 30-day program will undergo detox if necessary and will work with our team of therapists and counselors to begin to understand their addiction and make the changes necessary for a full recovery. We also have more extensive plans available. The 60-day program includes a detox as well as physical healing from the addiction. This program offers time for the patient to fully understand the gravity of their addiction and the consequences it has on their everyday lives. In the second month of treatment at our men’s alcohol rehab center, patients will learn the behaviors that contribute to their addiction, and we put them in position to handle temptation in the future. Our longest and most extensive program is a 90-day program designed for those who are experiencing heavy addiction. The program allows ample time for patients to understand their addiction and lay a solid foundation for life after treatment, putting them in the best position to maintain a full recovery.

Recover from Addiction at Our Men's Rehab in Los Angeles

Throughout each patient’s stay, we do regular outings to help our clients reintegrate into society and re-learn to enjoy daily activities as a sober person. Reintegration is an integral part of the recovery process and offers a break from treatment. As a men’s drug rehab in California, our proximity to outdoor areas and cultural attractions allow for recreational breaks. We have access to hiking, beaches, parks, museums, archery, theaters, gyms and volunteer centers. Our hope is that through our personalized program, you receive the individualized treatment plan you need to sustain a happy, sober life. 

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