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Introduction to Dual Diagnosis Centers in California

At Valley Recovery Center, we are cognizant of the fact that many of our patients may be suffering from other mental health issues in addition to their addictions. As a dual diagnosis rehab in Los Angeles, we are well-equipped to manage patients who, in addition to their addictions, are experiencing depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and a multitude of other personality disorders. Dual diagnosis recovery combines the most successful aspects of substance abuse and mental health care. Substance abuse is often driven by an underlying psychiatric disorder, so the combination of the two is relatively common, however it is important to find a dual diagnosis treatment center that has services dedicated to this type of recovery. Clinicians must receive additional training and credentials when working with patients who have mental health disorders on top of their addictions. Effective treatment for a dual diagnosis, which is pre-determined during an initial evaluation at our drug rehab center in Santa Clarita, CA, involves considering both your addiction and your mental illness all throughout your recovery process. People suffering from a dual diagnosis should definitely seek help from a recovery center that has the resources and expertise available to provide the right care that they need. Without acknowledging both the personality disorder and the substance abuse, it will be that much more difficult to overcome your addiction in the long run.

dual diagnosis treatment centers southern california
dual diagnosis in california

Why Treating Co-Occurring Disorders is Crucial

Dual diagnosis patients often respond to treatment differently than those suffering solely with addiction. In most cases, the personality disorders were present before the addiction even began, and drugs and alcohol served as a way to self-medicate. In order to achieve lasting recovery, it is extremely important that the personality disorder is treated along with the addiction by professionals who specialize in dual diagnosis. Before the 1990s, clinicians believed that there should be a division between those suffering from addiction problems and those suffering from mental health disorders. This was known as ‘sequential treatment.’ In the sequential treatment approach to treating addicts, clients with dual diagnosis were excluded from one area of treatment until considered stable enough to be treatable for the other. In the sequential approach to managing addiction, it was eventually proven that there was a higher rate of relapse for these patients, which can be dangerous and life-threatening. Our dual diagnosis rehab program in Los Angeles is run by a team of experts who know how to properly treat patients with co-occurring disorders, which is very important to a person’s long-term recovery.

Acknowledging and understanding that there are other mental issues going on in addition to the addiction is key to achieving a long-lasting recovery and maintaining an addiction-free life. We believe in helping you achieve lasting recovery, and if you are going to face your addiction head on and work hard to overcome it, we want to ensure that we are touching on every pain point and doing things right the first time around.

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What to Expect from Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Los Angeles

All of our patients are required to undergo a thorough evaluation upon admission to our men’s rehab in California. This evaluation is a critical part of treating dual diagnosis patients in particular because in order to diagnose a person with co-occurring disorders, we must first properly identify any personality disorders and develop a deeper understanding of the patient’s history with both substance abuse as well as mental health issues. At Valley Recovery Center, we have a dedicated team of psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors dedicated to treating dual diagnosis patients. At our dual diagnosis treatment center in California, our team has learned that by treating both addiction and personality disorders simultaneously, our patients are able to truly address the full scope of the problem that is so deeply affecting their lives. In order to treat a patient with dual diagnosis we offer advanced, specialized rehab programs that are designed to specifically treat mental illness along with addiction leading to quicker, more effective and long-lasting results. Patients are offered distinct one-on-one treatment with our valued professional therapists, group counseling with other patients who are experiencing similar problems, and a welcoming environment that provides the support and dedicated care they need to recover.  

dual diagnosis treatment centers southern california

Let Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Los Angeles Help

Upon arrival at our facility, our patients are met with a thorough evaluation, which is a critical part of treating dual diagnosis patients. Our dual diagnosis treatment center in Los Angeles works with each patient to determine their diagnoses, and we take that information to personalize a program based on the specific needs of that patient. Common issues that we see with dual diagnosis include depression, manic depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder and more. Treating these underlying medical conditions along with an addiction requires a qualified team of medical professionals who have additional training and credentials that qualify them to treat patients under these circumstances. Our dual diagnosis program in Los Angeles offers distinct one-on-one care through therapy, counseling and medication management all from our team of trained psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors. Our patients will receive the highest level of care in a comfortable, welcoming environment with the hands-on support needed to recover. 

Here at Valley Recovery Center, we offer personalized treatment programs that are 30, 60, or 90 days long, depending on each patient’s specific needs. We offer affordable, luxury treatment at our facility, which includes private bedrooms and bathrooms, a fitness center, pool, hot tub, game room and more. We believe in an individualized and adaptive approach to treatment with our incredible team coordinating efforts to support each patient in our program with a unique, personalized recovery plan. At our alcohol rehab in Los Angeles main focus is to first identify and then treat underlying mental health issues part of a dual diagnosis that is key to breaking the cycle of drug, alcohol or prescription medication abuse. Throughout the patient’s stay, we go on regular outings in order to help our clients start to reintegrate into society as sober people. We believe that reintegration is a critical part of the recovery process for our patients. Lastly, once our patients have completed their treatment, we want to ensure lasting sobriety. In order to offer the constant support our patients were previously experiencing through living in our facilities, we offer aftercare, meaning continued support and care cultivated through our alumni community as well as through our monthly check-ins. We are here to provide resources for ongoing therapeutic treatment, medical and legal help as well as applying to jobs and schools and any additional life training. Valley Recovery Center wants to be part of the journey to lasting sobriety for as long as our patients may need.

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