Opioid Addiction Treatment
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Opioid Addiction

Opioid addiction is a major problem in America. There are far too many people that take opioids for pain and become addicted. Others start off recreationally, and an addiction forms. 

But no matter how opioid addiction starts, it rarely has a happy ending. People who go down that road often have legal problems, troubled relationships, financial issues, and severe health conditions. Many even end up overdosing. 

Opioids can get you headed on a downward spiral. But there are ways to get help. This article will provide insight into opioid addiction and opioid treatment in Los Angeles. 

Overview of Addiction

Many people are reluctant to check into opioid addiction treatment centers because they are unsure what to expect. Here is an idea of what rehab entails.


Detox is typically the first phase in rehab. During this time, the patient will experience withdrawal symptoms that make them want to go back to using. Fortunately, a medical professional will be by their side the entire time to keep them as comfortable as possible and ensure relapse doesn’t occur.


After detox is completed, patients move on to a therapy program. They will be analyzed to determine the treatment that’s right for them. 

Although treatment may vary, a dual diagnosis approach is often integrated. This works on the theory that most people with substance abuse disorders develop them due to another underlying condition. 

It’s difficult for people with mental disorders to reach out for help. They may be afraid of what people will think of them, they may not feel like their problem is that bad, or they may not want to spend the time and money on therapy. 

Instead of getting the treatment they need, they self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. While the drugs may provide temporary relief, they will ultimately take them on a downward spiral. 

When a patient is treated with dual diagnosis therapy, both disorders are addressed. Therapists feel this is the best way to achieve long-term healing. 

Dual diagnosis may incorporate a variety of therapies like:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) aims to change negative thought patterns to promote more positive behaviors. 
  • Medication can restore chemical balance in the brain, reducing disorder symptoms and the urge to use. Some medications reduce addictive tendencies and minimize withdrawal symptoms. 
  • Group Therapy lets the patient know they are not alone. It provides them with a support group that can help with the healing process. 
  • Family Therapy helps the family better understand their loved one’s condition and how to deal with it. 
  • Psychotherapy teaches the patient about their condition so they can self-manage it. 


Aftercare is the final stage of rehab. It occurs when the patient goes back into the ‘real world.’ 

During this time, the patient may be dealing with stressors that will make them want to go back to using. They may see the old crowd they used to hang with when they were doing drugs, and they may be tempted to go back to their own ways. 

The medical staff at an opioid abuse treatment center knows what the individual is going through. They provide ongoing support, ensuring they make a healthy adjustment to sober living. 

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Get Help at Our Los Angeles Opioid Treatment Center

When you search up ‘opioid treatment Los Angeles,’ you will get a variety of results. But which clinic should you choose? Valley Recovery Center takes an approach that sets us apart

We offer a variety of outpatient programs that allow patients to stay active in the real world as they recover. These include:

  • Partial hospitalization requires patients to spend seven hours a day, five days a week, in our opioid abuse treatment center while spending the rest of the time at work or with family.
  • Intensive outpatient where patients can attend sessions that fit their schedules. 
  • Alumni programs provide continued support as patients adjust to sober living. 

We adhere to strong values of integrity and respect. We take a whole-body approach, ensuring patients get the comprehensive care they need. We work out customized plans that are best suited to each individual. 

Opioids are great for pain relief, but you will find yourself on a descending path if an addiction forms. Do not hesitate to reach out to our opioid addiction rehab today. Valley Recovery Center will get you headed for a successful rehab and a higher quality of life.

drug rehab in California for men
mens rehab in california

Our Treatment Program for Men

When a patient first enters into treatment at our all men’s drug rehab in Los Angeles, California, we will begin with an initial evaluation that will help determine the treatment plan based on the patient’s individual needs. Through this evaluation, we will take note of medical history and the patient’s history with substance abuse. This will provide our team with insight into which program will offer the best possible care for that particular patient. Our treatment options include 30, 60 and 90-day programs, and all patients experience one-on-one therapy along with group counseling, family counseling, art therapy and other optional recreational activities.

Our 30-day program is recommended for those who are not heavily addicted or have limited time available but are still in need of treatment. Patients in the 30-day program will undergo detox if necessary and will work with our team of therapists and counselors to begin to understand their addiction and make the changes necessary for a full recovery. We also have more extensive plans available. The 60-day program includes a detox as well as physical healing from the addiction. This program offers time for the patient to fully understand the gravity of their addiction and the consequences it has on their everyday lives. In the second month of treatment at our men’s alcohol rehab center, patients will learn the behaviors that contribute to their addiction, and we put them in position to handle temptation in the future. Our longest and most extensive program is a 90-day program designed for those who are experiencing heavy addiction. The program allows ample time for patients to understand their addiction and lay a solid foundation for life after treatment, putting them in the best position to maintain a full recovery.

Recover from Addiction at Our Men's Rehab in Los Angeles

Throughout each patient’s stay, we do regular outings to help our clients reintegrate into society and re-learn to enjoy daily activities as a sober person. Reintegration is an integral part of the recovery process and offers a break from treatment. As a men’s drug rehab in California, our proximity to outdoor areas and cultural attractions allow for recreational breaks. We have access to hiking, beaches, parks, museums, archery, theaters, gyms and volunteer centers. Our hope is that through our personalized program, you receive the individualized treatment plan you need to sustain a happy, sober life. 

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