The Concert To Face Addiction

You’ve heard us talk about Music Therapy many times in our Valley Recovery Center blogs. The truth is, whether its soothing classical sounds or “get on your feet and dance” jams, music heals and is a fantastic recovery tool. Artists within that industry have also become beacons of sobriety, publicly standing down their demons and beating the trappings of drug and alcohol. Well now, PBS plans to echo that statement by broadcasting theĀ Concert To Face Addiction on October 20.


First a little backstory on the musicians involved and how their individual stories tie to the cause.


Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler is world-renowned for his work as the lead singer of Aerosmith. He’s also an inspirational recovery advocate, who has influenced millions with his lyrics. Songs like “Amazing” clearly spell out the beauty of recovery and how letting go of addiction can help you “see the light.” Steven has participated in countless sobriety charities, filmed PSA’s and beaten heroin multiple times. That’s right, Tyler has been battling drug issues since the 1970’s and publicly relapsed more than once. BUT…that did not stop him from moving forward and continuing his journey. If anyone deserves to be a headliner at this Concert, it’s him.


Joe Walsh

Headliner number two is legendary guitarist Joe Walsh. Since the 1970’s, his music has inspired millions; both as a solo artist and as a virtuoso member of the Eagles. Joe too has publicly battled addiction and written inspirational songs that illustrateĀ his journey. Though not quite as famous as “Amazing,” his “One Day At A Time” track is hauntingly beautiful and truly documents the recovery experience. He’s also got fantastic guitar chops and promises to bring a tough, hard rocking edge to lineup.


As far as recovery advocacy goes, Joe has also been incredibly vocal and supportive. “One Day” is a song that continues to be in his set list and, when giving interviews, he openly discusses changes that need to be made.


“You know at this point, I think there are more recovered people than there have ever been, regardless of what their problem was,” he previously told “But the sad thing is, about seven times as many people died before getting sober. That’s how bad addiction is. Addiction is a very human condition, and it’s ruining lives and families. It’s rampant and ruining this country and it’s time to say that out loud, to be heard, and to begin the painful process to get the government and the insurance companies and our whole society to recognize it as a medical condition.”


Sheryl Crow

The concert’s other big headliner, songstress Sheryl Crow has earned nine Grammy Awards and sold over 50 million albums. She also was a self-admitted alcoholic during the early 1990’s. Right at the peak of her fame, Sheryl drank before every show; partially to get over her nervousness. She has gone on to praise the power of sobriety and recovery programs that still help her to this day. When discussing her issue back in 2008, she said, “I did a lot of drinking early on because it helped me cope with what was happening. But I couldn’t deal with it. I’m small and skinny and just a couple of shots would get me drunk. A couple more and I’d be all over the place. I had to knock it on the head. Now the greatest buzz is performing sober.”


Beyond those amazing talents, the Concert To Face Addiction will also feature The Fray, Jason Isbell and Jonathan Butler. As we mentioned before, it’s set to air on PBS October 20 in Los Angeles. You can click here, for the fill list of showtimes and station names. Make sure to tune in!




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