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At Valley Recovery, we empower you to lead the life you imagine for yourself. As part of our commitment to your personal journey, we offer you full access to our knowledgeable owner and to a wide variety of services. Your story and needs are your own, so we provide a plethora of opportunities for you to mold the experience of recovery into what works best for you. 

When to Get Help for Yourself for Addiction

 The first step and most important part to overcoming an addiction is admitting that you have a problem. Often the biggest hurdle for those suffering from addiction is deciding to seek help. There are several different things to look for when trying to figure out if you have a problem that requires professional help. According to the American Psychiatric Association, one of the best tools for noticing addiction is through how a person relates to the following criteria. The criteria for measuring the severity of addiction includes lack of control, desire to limit use but unable to follow through, time spent trying to acquire a certain substance, cravings or an intense desire to use the drug of choice, lack of responsibility and missing out on obligations, problems with relationships, loss of interest in social or recreational activities, dangerous use, worsening situations, an increased tolerance and the need for larger amounts of the substance to achieve the desired effects, and withdrawal symptoms that can include irritability, anxiety, nausea and vomiting. Ask yourself how many of these apply to your situation and depending on the answer it can be telling about how severe the addiction may be. It is important to understand that there are millions of Americans struggling from some form of addiction, and you are not alone. Getting help for drug abuse and drug addiction is commendable and achievable, and it can save your life. 

Valley Recovery Center is here to provide quality and personalized care for people who struggle with addiction on any level. We understand that it may be scary and difficult to admit to a substance abuse problem, but we are just happy to be able to offer guidance as we work with you to overcome your addiction. If substance abuse is bringing any amount of negativity into your life, it may be time to take a closer look and to acknowledge that there may be a problem. Once a person accepts that there may be a problem, that is when the road to recovery truly begins.

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How Valley Recovery Center Can Help Working Professionals

Valley Recovery Center is here for anyone looking to get help for their addiction problems. We offer various different treatment programs that are meant to meet each person’s specific needs and time constraints. We offer 30, 60 and 90-day residential treatment programs for those suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, dual diagnosis, gambling problems, chemical dependency, prescription drug addiction and psychiatric and psychological disorders, as well as day and evening outpatient treatment for those suffering from trauma and mental illness. Patients are met with our in-depth evaluation to determine the level of care needed, and we create a customized treatment program from there. Depending on the level of care needed to heal someone of their situation, working professionals who are suffering from any of the conditions listed above can expect us to recommend a customized program based on their evaluation.

It is really important for people suffering from addiction, trauma, or mental illness to take the time to heal with the programs we provide in order to return to work as the best version of themselves possible. Letting the problem linger just because you are a working professional can be detrimental to your health and your ability to continue working to the best of your abilities in the future. Taking the time to heal and rehabilitate yourself will make all the difference in the long run, and that is why we encourage working professionals suffering from addiction or mental illness to seek help and take the time they need to better themselves. Getting help for a drug or alcohol addiction is the most important thing a person could do, and it is important to set aside the time to take care of themselves and get their condition under control. 

What to Expect From VRC's Treatment Program

Depending on the patient’s diagnosis and level of care needed, our professional staff at Valley Recovery Center will create a customized program tailored to help with each patient’s specific conditions, including a schedule and detailed program that best matches up with our patient’s schedules and time constraints. A list of the services offered at our facility include detoxification, 30-day rehab, 60-day rehab, 90-day rehab, aftercare services, family programs, crisis counseling, intervention, private monitoring, individual therapy, group therapy, holistic healing, the 12-step approach, cognitive behavioral therapy and our established alumni program. We are here to provide customized care to ensure that each patient reaches their intended goals. 

Each of our patients work directly with the owner of our program and an assigned case manager to customize their care and monitor intended goals. Our staff is with each patient before, during and after their treatment at our facilities to ensure our patients have the attention and level of care needed to reach their goals. Our facilities are located in Southern California, and we offer daily recreational activities at nearby beaches, hiking trails, museums, etc., and we have a fitness facility, pool, hot tub and private rooms and bathrooms for each of our residential patients. Valley Recovery Center wants to ensure our patients feel comfortable in a safe environment where they have the best opportunity to recover.

Get the Help You Need from Valley Recovery Center

Here at Valley Recovery Center, we believe in rebuilding lives through meaningful, long-lasting recovery. We take an individualized, adaptive approach to treatment, meaning each of our patients begins treatment with a thorough evaluation to determine the level of care and the type of care needed to cure their conditions, and we create a customized treatment program from there. We are an all men’s rehab facility in Los Angeles here to offer a number of different services for men suffering from addiction, trauma and mental illness. Our trained staff of psychologists and counselors are trained in each of the services we offer as we aim to provide love, support and companionship necessary for our patients to create a life of lasting sobriety and a healthy lifestyle. Our affordable, luxury treatment center for men is here to help our patients work toward recovery where they go on to lead a fulfilled, sober life. 

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