New Startup Aims To Help In Addiction Fight

We are so incredibly proud of all of the recovery advocates out there, taking an active stance to help others and bring awareness to the country’s addiction issues. And it is certainly nice to see that come from people who have a good deal of influence in Corporate America. One such example is Adnan Asar, a former Silicon Valley Shutterfly executive who has started a new company to help people break free from their dependencies.


Like many advocates, Asar has a personal connection to the cause. His wife is a cancer survivor and ultimately went through an intense painkiller struggle after coming out of some severe surgeries. The noted website TechCrunch recently profiled Asar and his story, along with his new recovery company, Lucid Lane.


Asar famously left his high profile position at Shutterfly to care for his wife and came back to the workforce with a new goal. Using his own funds and technology connections, he founded Lucid Lane with a specific mission in mind.


“Our goal with Lucid Lane is to help give patients who have been prescribed medications to address pain and anxiety ways to wean themselves off those drugs and avoid dependence,” he explained to TechCrunch. “Its true purpose is born from the struggle I witnessed as my wife wrestled with how to stop taking the opioid medications she was prescribed during her illness.”


Created before the COVID-19 pandemic, Lucid Lane’s business model actually works rather well considering the current landscape. The structure is focused particularly on telehealth, with daily virtual check ins for people who are prescribed addictive painkillers. Digital interventions are also part of the toolkit, allowing for friends and family members to intervene virtually if they feel an addiction has gone too far.


Though technically classified as a startup, Lucid Lane already has quite a bit of high profile support. Noted angel investor Jerry Yang has contributed a sizable amount of funding into the company and the consultation staff includes noted physicians from Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. 


Dharmesh Thakker is leading partner in the capital firm Battery Ventures and proudly exclaimed why there is a lot of value to be seen in Lucid Lane.


“Our company sees great potential for Lucid Lane, as it has developed a scalable solution to one of the biggest problems facing society today,” Thakker said in a statement. “Telehealth solutions have emerged as highly capable of addressing complex problems, and Lucid Lane has embraced remote care from its beginning. Its design enables care anytime, anywhere for patients in their moment of need. This can make a tremendous difference in the battle between recovery and relapse. We believe that it will help millions of people lead better lives.”


You can learn more about Lucid Lane (and Asar’s mission) by visiting the official company website.



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