Royal Family Members Speak Out About Addiction

We always appreciate high-profile influencers speaking out on behalf of recovery. And you can’t much higher profile than England’s Duchess of Cambridge, namely Kate Middleton. The royal princess recently participated in a Zoom chat, where she advocated for more treatment centers around the globe.


The Duchess actually embarked on a virtual tour of a UK-based treatment center run by one of her charity organizations. Known as Clouds House, the Wiltshire facility has made headlines for its progressive methods and ability to adjust to COVID-19 life.


Middleton told Clouds House staffers that she would have loved to have visited in person, but unfortunately the pandemic made that an impossibility. She also expressed her gratitude for everyone working in the recovery field, emphasizing how important of an issue this is.


“When things get back to normal, I’d love to come and say hello to the team and everyone down there as well,” Middleton explained as she started the Zoom chat. “The worrying thing to me is, all of those people who aren’t necessarily reaching out when they are struggling. It’s about making sure they can reach out and you are there to help and support them.”


The conversation was viewed by millions via Middleton’s social media handles. Topics included alcoholism and the troubling stat that as many as 25 percent of all Britons are drinking more because of quarantines.


The video conference then shifted to a virtual tour, where Princess Kate was shown the grounds and chatted with various members of the Clouds House team. Fans praised that portion of the call, as recovery coaches explained their methods for helping users despite coronavirus restrictions.


Graham Beech, chief executive of the facility, also offered some supportive words.


“It doesn’t come as a surprise that some people are struggling to maintain recovery from addiction as a result of lockdown,” he explained. “We know that addiction feeds on isolation, and the precautionary measures that are in place because of COVID-19 may create the circumstances upon which addiction thrives. It is clear that individuals and families need help now. They’re also going to need additional support as the lockdown eases. Whilst the majority of respondents may not be developing an addiction, the picture from a public health and social perspective is one of concern.”


In total, the tour ran just under 10 minutes and concluded with some online resources for people in need of treatment. You can watch it in full below, via Kate Middleton’s official Twitter page.




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