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Valley Recovery Center, a drug rehab center in Santa Clarita, is the answer for so many men who struggle with substance abuse due to underlying conditions like anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, and trauma. With a focus on one-on-one treatment, tailored to the specific needs of each client, we’re able to address the core issues that often stand in the way of long lasting recovery.

The inspiration behind Valley Recovery Center was born after the suicide of a family member who had struggled with alcohol abuse for years. Sadly, this person could not find the help he needed to move forward with his life even after completing multiple treatment programs and participating in 12-step groups. His experience was not unique and we felt compelled to do something to help others in our community following the same, tragic path.

In 2014, we opened our first location on a private cul-de-sac, nestled in the beautiful Santa Clarita Mountains, and assembled an outstanding team of therapists, doctors, drug counselors, case managers, and support staff, dedicated to our mission. Our clients love the private, intimate setting, limited to just 6 male residents at any given time. Here they find the time, space, and individualized support they need to overcome long held beliefs about their addiction in order to move forward. 

We love knowing that we can make a difference, not just during the 30-90 days shared together, but in the years that follow by providing the love, support, and companionship necessary for lasting sobriety and a healthy lifestyle.

Arthur Mogilevski, CEO & Founder


Meet Your Treatment Team

Valley Recovery Center offers expert, evidence-based treatment for substance abuse at our drug rehab in Santa Clarita. Explore how our team can help you on your journey to lasting recovery by watching our “Meet the Team” series below.

Our Treatment Philosophy

We believe that abuse of drugs and alcohol is a symptom of a bigger issue. It’s the underlying disorder, trauma, or stressor that is in fact the root cause of most abusive behaviors. Drugs and alcohol provide the coping mechanism. This is why we provide dual diagnosis treatment in Southern California.

The reasons for abuse are as varied as each individual’s unique background. Developing the right approach to treatment starts with first understanding a person’s story—the why behind their substance abuse. This way, we treat the person, not the addiction.

Through intense one-on-one therapy (multiple sessions each week), daily group interactions, drug counseling, and sessions with specialists (as required), the clients at our rehab center in Santa Clarita, CA begin to see their addiction for what it is—a part of themselves they no longer need.

Affordable, Luxury Treatment

Our Facility

Enjoy private bedrooms and bathrooms, gym, pool, hot tub, game room and access to Southern California beaches and attractions.

Santa Clarita RESIDENTIAL Rehab Center

We take an individualized and adaptive approach to treatment, with our incredible team coordinating efforts to support each client in our program with a personalized recovery plan. Our focus on identifying and treating underlying mental health issues is the key to breaking the cycles of drug, alcohol, and prescription medication abuse.

Clients stay with us for 30-90 days (per their needs). All information is private and confidential. Only persons with a signed release will know about Valley Recovery Center or have access to any information. Each client is assigned a personal case manager to help with disability paperwork, FMLA paperwork, and safeguarding employment while on medical leave from work.

Throughout their stay, we do regular outings in order to help our clients reintegrate into society and remember how to enjoy life as sober people. Reintegration is a critical part of the recovery process and also provides a break from intense daily work. Our proximity to beautiful outdoor areas and cultural attractions is a bonus that our clients love. Day trips and outings include:

Valley Recovery Center is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and licenced by the Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS).

Aftercare Program

Where most programs end, ours begins. The team at out rehab center in Santa Clarita maintains a strong connection with clients long after they complete our program through regular follow-ups. We provide resources for ongoing therapeutic treatment, medical and legal help, applying to jobs and schools, and life skills training.

Critical aftercare support includes: 

As our clients return to their lives and face challenges, support from our team and active alumni community can make all the difference in maintaining sober living in Santa Clarita. Together, we succeed.


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Contact us 24/7 at 1-866-986-2486 or send us a message for more information on our program, insurance, and availability.


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