There are many variables that play into which rehab you choose to go to. The two we’ll dig into here are the duration of your stay and the benefits of getting treatment at a gender-specific facility.

Specifically, how a 30-day men’s only rehab program might be the right choice for you in overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

What Is 30 Day Rehab for Men?

30-day rehab for men is exactly what it sounds like. The duration is important to talk about though.

Substance use disorders run along a spectrum from mild to severe and the length of time that’s recommended for rehab depends in large part on where you land on that gradient.

More severe addiction will generally necessitate a longer stay to unpack the underlying issues and also set you up with the best shot at avoiding relapse.

Addiction’s that are on the milder side can get more benefit from a shorter, 30-day program.

The idea is to help you change your behavior and thought patterns without pulling you away from your life for unnecessary lengths of time. Before you start a program at Valley Recovery Center, we’ll do an assessment to ensure 30 days will meet your needs and actually help you.

Are There Benefits to Going to a 30 Day Rehab That Is Gender-Specific?

The short answer is yes. Yes, there are benefits to gender-specific rehab, regardless of the length.

Men and women are inherently different. The way they experience the world. What society expects of them. How they interact with each other and the opposite sex. And plenty more.

For some men, being in a mixed-sex treatment program is all well and good and doesn’t present any obstacles for them. For others though, coed rehab can create substantial barriers and lead to rehab being less effective overall.

To that end, we’d like to explore how gender-specific treatment can be a game-changer.

Increased Comfort Level

Given the differences that are innate to the male and female experience, being in a place where you’re only around men creates a natural level of comfort for many men. You’ll be able to bond over shared and common experiences and create connections that help the rehab process. You’ll also be able to talk about certain things that you might find uncomfortable discussing in front of women.

Less Judgement, No Expectation to Be Tough

Society puts a lot of weight on men’s shoulders and those expectations to be tough, strong, macho, etc. can weigh heavy on you. When in a mixed-sex rehab setting, in the presence of women, you might feel compelled to live up to those expectations which cause you to keep your guard up. That can translate into missing out on some of the core benefits of rehab.

Moreover, being surrounded by men can feel like being in a place of less judgment.

Fewer Distractions 

This relates largely to potential sexual tension and relationships. When going through a rehab program, your attention should be fully focused on that program, which is why starting any type of romantic relationship in rehab is frowned upon and strongly discouraged. This is a time to invest maximum time in you and not someone else. Gender-specific rehab may not completely stop romances from blossoming but it does lower the likelihoods significantly.

Supportive Environment

Taken together, the company of your male peers – with a common, unifying life experience – can create a more supportive space that makes rehab more productive and ultimately helps lay the groundwork for a truly lasting recovery.

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