The Benefits of Going to Alcohol Rehab for Men

The biggest and most impactful long-term benefit for going to alcohol rehab for men is getting control of your life back. Let’s start there.

Getting sober means taking control and being in the driver’s seat of your own life and not letting alcohol guide your decisions anymore. It means creating a healthier lifestyle and being equipped with the tools to maintain it.

Is it possible to do that all by yourself though, without support or help? Sure. It’s just much more difficult and opens you up to the prospect of relapsing. We’ll get into more of the benefits of rehab later though.

What Are the Signs of Alcoholism?

How do you know if you have a drinking problem? Is it alcoholism or is it ok? Where’s the line?

The answers to all these questions can feel vague but there is actually a pretty concrete answer and we mentioned it at the top: control. When you’re in control, it’s less likely to be alcoholism. When you’re not in control, chances are it is.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) defines an alcohol use disorder (AUD) as “a medical condition characterized by an impaired ability to stop or control alcohol use despite adverse social, occupational, or health consequences.”

Understanding what an alcohol use disorder, or alcoholism as it’s more commonly known, looks like is an important part of overcoming it. The signs of alcoholism look like this:

  • Inability to cut back on drinking
  • Drinking more than intended
  • Spend a disproportionate amount of time getting alcohol, getting drunk or recovering
  • Intense cravings for alcohol
  • Choose to drink over activities you once enjoyed
  • Issues with family, friends, school and/or work-life
  • Finding yourself in increasingly dangerous situations because of alcohol, i.e., drunk driving, operating machinery, unprotected sex, etc.
  • Developing a tolerance so you have to drink more to get the same effect as before
  • Continuing to consume despite clear negative consequences to yourself and/or others
  • Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal when drinks wear off

If you or a man in your life is going through more than a couple of these, it’s worth digging deeper and figuring out if it truly is alcoholism because left unchecked it will only get worse.

The Benefits of Going to Alcohol Rehab for Men

Back to benefits.

There are a lot of positives to going to rehab in general but it’s worth addressing the potential added benefits of a men-only rehab like Valley Recovery Center.

Increased Comfort and Relatability

Specialized men-only treatment means you’ll only be with other guys which for some creates a higher level of comfort. The same-sex environment being a place where you feel like everyone genuinely gets you.

Supportive Environment

That elevated ease with which you can exist lends itself to an overall more supportive environment. Because you all can understand each other on a basic level it’s easier to create bonds, build trust and ultimately open up emotionally – a key to successful recovery.

Fewer Distractions

Addressing the elephant in the room. With co-ed treatment comes the risk of sexual tension that can prove incredibly distracting in making progress. Removing distractions and possible temptation makes it simpler to focus on the task at hand.

Focus on Male-Specific Issues

Men and women deal with different things in their day-to-day life, that’s normal. By going to men-only rehab you’re able to focus exclusively on the matters and issues that mean something to you.

At Valley Recovery Center in Santa Clarita, California, we’ve been at this a long time and have created an environment where men can feel truly comfortable throughout their recovery process. To get a better feel for what we do, reach out to us today.


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